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21 December 2009 @ 11:23 am

2009 has definitely been the year for my obsessions. Usually I have one or two loves, but this year. Well this year TV & music ruled my life. Here are the obsessions and how I got into them.
Why: Actually I've been obsessed with CSI for about 3 years now. I don't remember why I decided to start watching it every Thursday, as before it was just whenever it was on I would watch. I own every season that I want (1-7) and currently only watch episodes with lots of Sara in them. Sara Sidle seriously was like my mother for all those years. Anyway, this was a short obsessions this year as Grissom left early in the year and this was the episode I was waiting for. I was a MAJOR GSR fan so I died a little when this happened. I remember in English last year we had to write daily journals and every single one of mine included something CSI. Now, I don't really understand my GSR love but it was fun while it lasted.

Why: After Grissom left CSI I no longer watched. I knew I needed a new TV love and the only thing I could think of was Criminal Minds. I've actually been watching this show since it began but never actually cared to watch it every Wednesday like I was with CSI. So over the summer I Netflixed all the seasons and watched all the episodes. Even from the beginning Reid was my favorite so of course I had to go all fangirly over MGG. He really is almost the most rad celeb out there. So nice & silly. His documentaries on youtube were really the breaking point in my "oh hey there Reid" into "I LOVE THIS MAN SIGKHDFGJK" Good times.

Why: I actually got into this show last year since my step-mother loved it and I watched it with her sometimes. This time I watched the episodes on the internet but that ended up giving me a shitty ass virus that killed my computer. So I had to wait until we got Netflix and I continued my Desperate Housewives love. It's so silly and dumb that you could actually predict what's going to happen and it may be close. Also it's one of my shows that I actually don't have to think and it's not about crime. It's just all around good fun. Susan is my favorite housewife for some reason. I know everyone hates her, but I just like her! Lynette is a close second though. Though I think I love Susan the most because I LOVE Mike & Susan together. I mean, they made adorable little MJ.

Why: Dexter is my #1 love of 2009. At the beginning of the summer my neighbors house caught on fire whcih resulted in our house having severe smoke damage and we were kicked out for 3 months. So we lived in a rented house with rented furniture. EVERYTHING WAS RENTED. I never knew you could actually rent a whole furnished house. Anyway, without anything to do I had to find some way to entertain myself. I've always read about this show Dexter and it sounded like one of those shows I would like. So again thanks to Netflix I began watching the show. I...don't even know how to explain to pure GREATness of this show. After the first 10 minutes or so of the first episode I was hooked! Pretty sure I watched 3 episodes that night on my computer. Every day after that, that's all I would do. Watch Dexter. I even bought the first book (I currently have all). This was the fastest thing ever to win my love and I'm so happy it did. One good thing that came out of the fire? It brought Dexter & I together.

Why: In my German class last year we watched Lola Rennt which has Franka Potente in it and everyone was saying how she was Bourne's girlfriend. Well, I really liked Franka in Lola Rennt and we actually have The Bourne movies so one day I decided to watch The Bourne Identity. Hoooo my goodness. I love it. I usually don't like action movies but this is just so perfect. The Bourne Identity is the only movie I purchased from iTunes to have on my iPod. I just love Jason & Marie together and I love Bourne himself. The Bourne Identity is my favorite Bourne movie because I do love Marie and hate that dumb Nikki bitch or whatever her name is. Jason belongs with Marie but unfortunately she died =/

Why: April 3rd of 2009 was a great Britney day. That day is the first time I saw her in concert. I literally grew up loving Britney. I remember first watching the BOMT video on MTV as a young child. She was my first CD I had. So her and I are tight. I even remember when the Stronger video came out I would try to do the chair dance along with her =) At the concert when she first came on stage.. I got all teary eyed. Lame? Yes. But here was Britney motherfuckin Spears right in front of me. Breathing the same air as me. I died a little that day.

Why: I went to my first Killers concert on January 19th 2009. I've been a fan of them since they started, way back in 2004. I remember hearing Mr. Brightside and Somebody Told Me on the radio and thinking the lead singers voice was HOT. I was afraid that I would search up the band and find out that the lead singer was ugly, which always happened. But then... I saw this beauty with the name Brandon Flowers. YES PLEASE. They were my first band love, besides boy bands of course. They also helped me get into my Las Vegas obsession. I need to visit that city pronto. So gorgeous.

Why: Oh Placebo, how I love you. I first heard them 2 years ago on the CSI episode Ala Carte. Their song Running Up That Hill was on there. After that I youtubed their music, downloaded all their CDs, and currently have 285 songs of theirs on my iPod. Which includes like 5 different versions of each song. At first I was a little afraid of them since they looked all emo and shit but after I got into them more I found out they're not emo (lol me). Brian Molko is one sexy bitch as well. I seem to really like the girly guys -.- Brian's voice just.. makes me have an orgasm each time I hear it (TMI?) Such a talented, talented band. Only if they came to America and/or Minnesota. Their music has such meaning and the lyrics are beauty. Great band.

So there are my top fandoms of 2009. It was a fun year in fandom world. They really helped keep me sane. I had a really tough year this year but I always looked forward to something new with my loves.
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Twiggohsillytwigg on December 22nd, 2009 01:20 am (UTC)
and you know I'm not easy lol
Queen S: Kate// I'm doing fineprettyflash on December 22nd, 2009 01:46 am (UTC)
you so dirty.